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Before you embark on a course of treatment in "Sund Fertilitet", it is a good idea to acquire knowledge about everything you can do yourself to promote your chances of pregnancy. You can do this by joining a live training team at the clinic, by reading the book "Fertility & Physiotherapy" and/or buying access to one or more of our online teaching videos.

The first 8 minutes of our online course  consists of an introduction that you free  can see below. It will give you a good sense of what the modules contain and how the material is conveyed. You can then go on to the webshop and buy access to one or more of the following  5 teaching modules. Note that the videos can only be viewed from a computer - not from a phone. And note that all modules except module 6 are in Danish. Module 6 is in English.


Module 1:  The Mojzisova method and that of the uterus and fallopian tubes  movements (26  min). Note; Danish only

In this module you will be introduced to the theoretical and research background of the Mojzisova method. You will gain an understanding of how the reproductive organs work and how you through your behavior can create the best conditions for the functions of the reproductive organs.

Module 2: Position of the uterus (20 min). Note; Danish only

This module focuses on the position of the uterus. It undergoes symptoms of the forward-bent and back-bent  position and explains  why and how, these positions affect fertility.

You will receive guidance on how to help your uterus to a position that is optimal for a conception and pregnancy.

Module 3a: Training and relaxing the pelvic floor with the Ballstick ball (13 min). Note; Danish only!

This module contains an instruction in how you can use the ballstick ball or a similar ball to activate and relax the pelvic floor and massage the other muscles of the pelvis.

Module 3b: Instruction in Mojzisova's training program (46  min). Note; Danish only!

In this module you will be thoroughly instructed in Mojzisova's training program.

According to Czech research, you can expect to quadruple your pregnancy chances and reduce the risk of miscarriage by performing these exercises 1-2 x daily until the 12th week of pregnancy. The program is particularly effective for women suffering from pregnancy loss, but is also recommended  for the prevention of infertility and for treatment of cycle pain.

When performing the exercises at home, expect it to take 20-25 minutes. See evt. the English video under the tab "In english" to get a sense of number of repetitions, tempo and flow. And remember that it is far better to do your exercises 2-3 times  per week than not making them at all.

Module 4: Diet, Supplements and Exercise (48 min). Note; Danish only!

This module is a theoretical module, where we talk about diet, supplements and daily exercise routines. What does the research say? What supplements are especially important to supplement your diet with while trying to conceive? How much, how often and  how hard should you exercise and what forms of exercise should you select, to be certain not to harm but rather benefit your  fertility?

Module 5: Self-treatment of scar tissue (32 min). Note; Danish only!

In this module, we focus on the treatment of scar tissue after operations, trauma and infections in and around the abdomen. Scar tissue is a frequent cause of sub- and infertility in women. It is relatively easy to treat and you can try it out on your own, by following this instructional video. However, it may be a good idea to supplement with a single consultation or two with an experienced physiotherapist, so you are absolutely sure that you perform the self-treatment techniques correctly - but you can calmly try yourself a little. Self-massage is not dangerous.

Remember that the scar tissue massage must not hurt! And remember  to pause the scar tissue treatment just around ovulation/egg retrieval/egg transfer.

Module 6: Mojzisova exercises (35 min). Note; English only!

In  this video, module 6, I will show you how to perform the Mojzisova daily exercise program. I recommend that you spend approximately 20-25 minutes on your exercises 4-7 days a week. Remember to continue until  your 12th pregnancy week.

The exercises should  never cause you pain.

Each video module concludes a bibliography so that you can see which scientific studies and other literature are the basis for the recommendations you have been presented with in the video.  

Expect that you will experience symptom improvement if you have pain or reduced mobility in your abdomen, pelvis or back. Should you unexpectedly experience worsening of symptoms, you must stop the self-training and contact your physiotherapist.

Have fun with the online courses and the self-treatment.

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