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At Havnestadsklinikken, we offer fertility-promoting training in groups for women. The training takes place in our beautiful gym at Islands Brygge on Wednesdays at 16.30-18.30.

Price:  DKK 1,650 (stud DKK 1,475) incl. book for 7 x 2 hours. 

Note: if you have previously bought the entire online course, you participate for DKK 1,000.

Next course starts:

August 2023

The course is also offered as an online course or one-day workshop. The next one-day workshop will take place:

Sunday aug. 13th 2023 at 9.30-16, price DKK 1,250 (stud. 1,000)

(This workshop can be held in english for non-danish-speakers)

Max 10 participants on each team.

Team training

The training course in fertility-promoting training is a combination of theoretical teaching in reproductive health and practical training according to the Mojzisova method.

The Mojzisova method is a method of treating infertility, which was developed by the Czech physiotherapist and researcher at the Institute of Sports Medicine at St. Charles University of Prague in the 70s and 80s, Ludmila Mojzisova. According to Mojzisova's research, infertile women can quadruple their chances of getting pregnant if they follow a specific home exercise program and show up at the clinic for individual treatment 1-2 times per month. This training program you will learn to perform to perfection on this course.

Many will find that the training provides both improved chances of pregnancy, but also relief of any pain in the lower back, pelvis and abdomen.


In addition to the physical training, you will receive advice and guidance on what you can do to optimize your chances of pregnancy. We will review topics such as stress, posture, working postures, position and movements of the uterus, muscular tension, vaginal hygiene, diet, supplements and exercise etc.


The teaching is evidence-based, so you will be presented with both brand new and slightly older research projects during the course.


Look forward to this course! Immersion in reproductive health is very exciting and useful and being with other women in the same situation is in itself an effective relief against fertility stress.


If you want laser therapy before or after the training, it is possible.


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