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Professional Training Courses 2023
- for health professionals

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Fertility courses

Introduction to fertility-promoting physiotherapy

You will be introduced to how physiotherapy can help women and men with fertility challenges. We treat fodangerous aspects within reproductive health and disease such as scar tissue, age, bacterial imbalance, muscular dysfunctions, hormonal imbalances, stress etc. You will receive training in scar tissue treatment, diet and exercise guidance, exercise therapy according to the Mojzisova method,  hygiene advice and relaxation for the infertile. The course is primarily about patient education - providing help for self-help.

Date: October 2024 

Price: DKK 3,700 (incl. book and full board)

Place: Havnestadsklinikken, Copenhagen

Registration: coming later



Follow up course* (only in Danish)

This course is only for therapists who have previously attended the intro course. Day 1 is about new research in fertility and physiotherapy. On day 2, there is usually a guest lecturer with specialized knowledge within a specific area.

Date: 30 July and 31 July 2024

Location: Redningshuset Klitmøller (Thy)

Price: DKK 2,800

For more info and registration: coming later

(Possibility of overnight stay at Viking Surfhouse)


DNS courses

Courses in English with international instructors from Prague Rehabilitation School.

DNS Exercise 1,June 15th-16th '24, 9-17

Instructor: Julia Demekova

Price: DKK. NOK 3,200 (+ 100 euro registration fee)

More information:here

DNS Exercise 2, Nov. 9th-10th '24, 9-17

Instructor: Jakub Novak

Price: DKK. NOK 3,200 (+ 100 euro registration fee)

More information:coming soon

All DNS courses are held as a starting point in Havnestadsklinikken and are primarily for physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, trainers, instructors, movement educators and other body workers

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Other courses

Inspiration for team training for women aged 40-60. 

If you lack inspiration to start a new training group for women in menopause or new inspiration for an already existing menopause group, then this workshop is for you.

We must immerse ourselves in research that deals with the female menopause and then we must be physically active. How do you build a good training program that caters to women of this age? We must gather theoretical knowledge about hormones, osteoporosis, pelvic floor, neck/shoulder pain and the circulation, and be able to translate this knowledge into good teaching practice. We must work with circulation, stability, strength, balance, mobility and active relaxation and stretching. 

We must prepare for a target group with many different physical challenges and prerequisites. We must be able to differentiate and progress the teaching, but still bring the group together. We must find energy in music and inspiration in tools. 

The course is for all healthcare professionals with an interest in exercise and menopause.

Look forward to professional immersion with science, music and movement.


Date: d.13 April At 9.30-16.30

Location: Havnestadsklinikken, Kbh

Price: DKK 1,650

Instructor: Anne Marie


The course will also be held in Klitmøller on Thursday 1 August 2024 at 9.30-16.30. More information will come later.

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